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Up Up and Away!

My oh my, how things can change. I just re-read my last posting and indeed life unfolds in the most mysterious and unpredictable of ways. I have since returned home from my summer working up in northern Ontario at the girl's ranger camp. It still hasn't really set in that it is over and I am at yet another crossroads. I am so torn about how I feel the summer went, and I guess am struggling to be at peace with how it played out. Perhaps that is the danger of expectations...For years my summer's with the Ontario Ranger Program have served me in the most beneficial way, but for whatever reason this past season was very different. I want to make it clear that 'different' means neither bad or good, but simply 'different.' In fact, it was quite challenging in many respects. The first few weeks I felt very lost and lonely, as if I was seeing the program through a brand new set of glasses. At this point, I was convinced that my mind and spirit were just toying with…
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Connecting the Unconnected

I know it has been ages since my last post but I guess that is just a by-product of life. Life happens and the direction in which you thought you were going does a crazy 180 and you become lost in the whirlwind of new sounds, smells, tastes, routines etc. I seem to be living a life that is so far removed from where I was three months ago it difficult for me to swallow that my wild journey even occurred in this lifetime!

For those of you who haven't heard a whisper concerning my whereabouts, I am happy to say I am alive and well and just finishing up a work contract up the sunshine coast in British Columbia.

There are so many things I'd love to write about, but how to get it all down and in an organized fashion to boot, will be a bit of a challenge. Let's rewind a little and go back to my return home. Undeniably, I have the most amazing and supportive family in the whole, wide, world. It was incredible to come home and reconnect with everyone and have a warm, comfy bed to s…

Home...ain't no place like it

To my dearest readers, friends, supporters and believers,

It has been difficult for me to swallow the reality of actually completing my journey and settling back into the groove of life in my family back in Toronto. As seems to be my habit, this update is very delayed in its delivery.

In a nutshell, I made it to San Francisco and fell in love with the city and its beautiful, progressive people. My friend and I were reunited and I was overjoyed with having such a wonderful and fun individual to share in the last leg of my journey. Mike and I decided to escape the city limits after having a glorious few days exploring. We did the one thing that I'm sure most cyclists would turn their noses up at, we rented a small car and threw all our gear, instruments and bicycle in the back and took to the highway.

Our road trip was a welcomed change from being alone and having to be so incredibly self-motivated. There were some rocky moments, but all in all I was relaxed and happy to be in good…